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Nina Cocina
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Nina Cocina
Nina Cocina


I'm Nina 

and welcome to my foodie place...

A collection of my recipes & food related thoughts from my kitchen to yours.

I enjoy recipe development and finding new ways to make all of my favorite recipes more fun, pretty, and flavorful. Don’t eat boring food, ya’ll.  Life’s too short for bland meals and bad wine. You only live once!

You can't have an amazing meal without the perfect glass of wine to compliment the depth and balance of flavors. I am a red wine lover and have always have been. Join me on my food and wine journey and let's eat and drink together with a little passion and excitement. 

I decided to start a blog, a diary if you will, of my recipes, food-related thoughts, and wine selections. I love good food, I always have, but since I have started cooking on my own, I’ve grown passionate about getting creative in the kitchen and love experimenting with typical Indian dishes and giving them the "Nina Cocina" flare.

I was born and raised in the UK until the age of eight. At that point, as a family, we moved to the USA where I pretty much grew up with the typical American culture, but still remembering my British and Indian roots instilled within me.  I met my husband in Canada and have been happily married ever since. We live in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and we have two amazing boys together who most definitely keep life fun, exciting, and challenging. But I would not have it any other way.

As a child, I loved watching my Mom prepare delicious and fulfilling meals every day. I was always in the kitchen, watching and helping out and chit-chatting. I must admit my love for food and cooking was not always a hobby, I only began to take a serious interest in it after I started posting my creations and recipes on Facebook and Instagram, this is what started my senses to become alive and really appreciate aromas, spices, and techniques. And so the love affair with food began.

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