Nina Cocina
Nina Cocina
Nina cocina

Nina Cocina
Nina Cocina

For more than twenty years TUO knives has been serving the cutlery industry.

TUO knives are a great combination of traditional art and modern technology.

  • Amazing design and appearance 
  • The blade is beautifully crafted with German designed 
  • Suitable for cutting, chopping, dicing, mincing fine herbs and vegetables
  • Edge is razor-sharp and superior edge retention
  • Handle has beautiful wood detail and resistant to rust, heat and moisture
  • Ergonomic, flexible and light weight, yet perfectly balanced
  • Cuts smoothly and effortlessly with each slide.

You cannot go wrong with a TUO knife.

The pricing is amazing and the quality and second to non.

nina cocina

Brand Ambassador for TUO Cutlery 2020

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Versatile Asian Knives Let You Cut With Ease.

Specialized in middle-high end kitchen knives at a reasonable price for all levels of culinary creatives and professionals.